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Our Jimmy G’s online shop features some of the incredible products that our customers at the Central Coast have enjoyed and help us to perfect over the last 5 Years. 

We offer a Classic old school blend with a new world zest! Our coffee is full bodied, low-acid, smooth and rich.

Brasil natural process bring chocolate and sweet caramel praline notes; Ethiopian contributes a unique natural fermented fruit while the Indian binds the whole blend toguether with a rich cocoa aftertaste and very powerful body, A dash of Central American coffee adds a lively zest to complete our unique private blend coffee, exclusive to Jimmy G’s.

Roasted to precise spectrophotometer targets provides incredible consistency that other roasters can not achive. Climate controlled “cellaring” prior to delivery results in a dense and stable crema, providing a smoother tasting espresso for our customers.

This blend which was developed specially fo the Australian Palate, keeps winning fans and out team of baristas are dedicated to pouring the perfect brew.